We're aptly named. Flexi is flexible

Flexi can integrate with your current systems to provide powerful accounting capabilities that have the flexibility to grow right along with your ever-changing business requirements. We'll take the time to ask about your uniwue needs and find a solution that makes sense for you. Our proven technology has helped over 500 companies around the world work smarter and more efficiently.



Founded in 1991, Flexi develops, markets, and supports FlexiFinancials, ERP accounting software solutions for companies in many industries including Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services.

Flexi solutions were developed using industry-standard tools such as Microsoft Visual C++, .NET, and C#, and supports industry-standard databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Flexi prides itself on providing its customers with the best service and support in the industry. Whether you are a new customer looking to implement a Flexi solution or an existing customer looking for support, we are there to support you and ensure that you are leveraging your Flexi solutions to their utmost potential.